Unplugged Weddings

Why Your Guests Need to Leave Their Phones & Cameras in their pocket:

The 4 Benefits of an Unplugged Wedding

Tiny, blissful alarm bells go off whenever a wedding photographer sees the perfect shot unfolding in front of her eyes. The beautiful bride, the handsome groom, all the emotion surrounding them as they make the most important promise of their lives.

… All ruined, because grumpy Uncle Bob’s iPhone or camera flash went off, flooding the happy couple in poisonous fake light.

Every wedding photographer has a horror story to tell about a perfect shot ruined by a guest. When it’s not an iPhone or an iPad getting in the way, it’s the guests themselves.

Look, it’s understandable, guests at a wedding are driven by a mortal fear of never being able to look back at your special day.

That’s why wedding photographers all over the world are finally saying enough is enough.

– this would have been a beautiful shot, too bad the red iPad got in the way of the best man. (MARK: I will send this picture)

Here’s four reasons why you need to have an UnPlugged Wedding.

1. Save Time, Money & Energy

First and foremost, you are paying for beautiful, natural, professional wedding photos. You don’t want your guests remembering the special day with images shot on their phone.

Another problem with amateur wedding photography is how quickly the images wind up online. Again, you’re paying for a professional photographer and amateur photos are easy and tempting to post on Facebook and Pinterest. Could you imagine if people got to see your wedding photos before you do?

2. No Unexpected Photobombs

Like we saw with Uncle Bob jumping up into the aisle as soon as the bride walks by, the pictures you paid for should be focussed on the wedding’s most important element: the bride & groom!

Unexpected photobombs might seem harmless at first, but there’s nothing more heartbreaking than looking at an image ruined because a bystander damaged the light source and set the photographer’s flash off or damaged the focus.

Weddings are all about the natural moments that happen throughout the event. No one wants to see those moments ruined because of an eager amateur photographer.

Specifically, photographers are very limited in churches, where the majority of weddings occur. It can be difficult to find optimal lighting in a church, so when a photographer does find that perfect frame it’s almost criminal when that shot is ruined.

3. Happy, Distraction-Free Guests

Enough about the bride, what about the guests? Your closest family and friends should be experiencing the emotion along with the bride and groom; they shouldn’t be trying to take pictures. Key moments are easily lost behind the lens of an amateur photographer. Let them know you want them to be 100% present and enjoy this special moment with you. Let them know that there will be an online gallery they can view, save or purchase the images.

4. Beautiful, Distraction-Free Brides

Alright, back to the bride.

Speaking of distractions, the last thing a bride wants is a camera-phone in her face as she’s saying her vows. Not only do personal photography devices interfere with the natural flow of a wedding, the people shifting around on your way up and down the aisle will steal attention away from the bride and groom and key elements throughout the ceremony. Professional photographers are very discreet and know when the important parts of the ceremony are about to happen, like the vow and ring exchange, the kiss. How many photos have been ruined by someone walking in front of the photographer to take a photo of the kiss with their phone.

(insert image here)
The focus of the bride should be her future partner and not your second cousin fumbling with his point and shoot in a desperate attempt to blast a brilliant white flash in your face not only ruining the photo but also more importantly the moment.

The Answer?

There’s no sense in leaving anything to chance. Have an UnPlugged Wedding. Put it on your invitation as well as having signs or an announcement before the ceremony starts.

• No phones
• No cameras
• No iPads

Every wedding has its own unique story that won’t benefit from unnecessary distractions. There’s no doubt that your photo-happy guests mean well, but take the responsibility of weekend warrior photography off their hands with an unplugged wedding.

Everyone will be better off for it.

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