The Waterfront Center | Hamilton, Ont

Tifanie and Adam were married on October 4, with a ceremony at St. Ann’s Church and a reception at The Waterfront Center, both in Hamilton Ontario. This wedding was so special to me because Tifanie is my niece, and my first one at that! My sister has four daughters, who I am extremely close to … and although I didn’t give birth to them, I truly love them as if I did. It was surreal seeing Tifanie get married, and now, she’s pregnant and about to become a mother!

I spent the morning with the whole family getting ready at my sister’s house. There were tons of family members there, all excited for the big day. Tifanie pretty much designed and created everything herself (with the help of her sisters and my sister—her mother). They were constantly on Pinterest and I think they did an amazing job!

It was actually very difficult to photograph this wedding, I tried to capture all the memories and still be in the moment. I live so far away that it is very emotional for me to be around everyone, especially during these big celebrations. I missed so much of the lead-up to the wedding because of the distance. I found I had a big frog in my throat the whole time and often found myself crying happy tears!! But I am so happy that she asked me to document this huge chapter in her life. Tifanie has always been special to me, and I loved being the one who spent so much time with her and Adam on their wedding day.

All of the details made this wedding so special to me. The priest that married Tifanie and Adam is the same priest that married my husband and me and also baptized my son Max. It was the first time my son ever rode in a limo, so I took a picture of him and Tifanie. And my parents are hilarious in some of these photos and it is always a riot being with my sister Rose and brother-in-law Bill … as well as Samantha, Veronica and little Angie Banangie!

After the service, we drove around downtown Hamilton and captured some cool images in the industrial part of town. It was so much fun having all my nieces there—I have known so many of the wedding party since they were born and truly had so much fun. :) I love the photo of the 4 sisters together when Angie, the youngest, is kissing Tifanie on her cheek.  These kids are amazing!

At the reception, there is an image of me in a black dress holding my camera. Scott took this as Tifanie was talking about me in her speech. I was so touched, I could barely breathe. Tifanie went on to say that she was very proud that her “award-winning” aunt (which made me chuckle and turn red) was photographing her wedding and to say how special it was that I have always been there for them. It was sweet to be acknowledged, especially because I really would do anything for all of them.

Tifanie is always breaking out in song (lol … she gets that from me) and ended up singing to Adam during her speech … it was one of the best moments I have ever seen at a wedding!!  I laughed & cried at the same time!  Another moment that got me was during the father daughter dance…Bill had tears streaming down his face and I loved how the 2 other girls were crouched on the floor watching them dance.  It was lovely.

I am so proud of the woman Tifanie has become and of the man who she chose to be her partner during this life. She and Adam are a great match, and I am beyond honored to have been a part of it. To the rest of you—I love you with my whole heart and miss each and every one of you daily. I am so proud to call you my family . . . even if you are all a bunch of nutbars. :) OK, now I’m tearing up again because I miss you all so much!

Thanks to Scott Williams for coming to The Hammer to be my second shooter!!  It was awesome to finally meet you in person.

Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-1 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-2 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-3 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-4 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-5 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-6

adam & tif s 0077 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-7                                                                               My mom & dad seriously crack me up!!


adam & tif s 0124 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-10 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-11 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-12 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-13 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-14 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-15 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-16 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-17 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-18 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-19 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-20 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-21 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-22 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-23 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-24 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-25 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-26 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-27 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-28 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-29 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-30 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-31 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-32 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-33 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-34 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-35 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-36 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-37adam & tif s 0704

Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-40 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-41 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-42 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-43 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-44 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-45 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-46 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-47 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-48 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-49

speeches Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-50

adam & tif s 1134 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-51 Hamilton-Ontario-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-52


I think we had a good time :)  xoxoxox