Pinnacle at the Pier | North Vancouver, BC

Nicole and Gabe were married with a ceremony and reception at the Pinnacle at the Pier Hotel in North Vancouver. I met Nicole and Gabe because one of my friends works with Nicole and referred them to me. I adored this couple right out of the gate! We especially bonded at their engagement session while walking around Gastown . . . they are so cute, genuine, and very laid-back people—and were truly a blast to be around!

I was so excited for their wedding, and the day did not disappoint. I started my day with Nicole and her girls getting ready at Nicole’s childhood home. At the same time, my second shooter, Jeanie Ow was with the guys. I loved so many of the details that they created: Nicole made the hangers for her bridesmaids with their names on it for their dresses, and they had custom converse running shoes made for each other and for their entire wedding party.

Nicole and Gabe opted for a first look, and we could not have chosen a better background than the pier at the Lonsdale Quay. The location, paired with their reactions—so nervous and giddy and totally in love!—made for some amazing images. Then we went to Princess Park for portraits of Nicole and Gabe alone. I love letting my couples get some alone time before the ceremony; you can see how happy they are just to be together.

Then we were off to the Pinnacle at the Pier Hotel for the rest of the evening. I am a preferred vendor at the hotel and absolutely love having the opportunity to shoot there every summer. Nicole included her dog—complete with his own little suit—in the ceremony, and he was walked down the aisle by the ring bearer. It was so cute!

The reception was so much fun—perfect for these wonderful people! The speeches were heartfelt and meaningful, and the food was amazing. Everyone was so happy to be there, and that feeling lasted all night.

Nicole & Gabe, it is always such a joy spending time with the two of you. Thank you for having me there to capture your memories; it was such a huge honor. Much love! xoxox

pinnacle hotel 5

Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-1 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-2 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-3 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-4 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-5 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-6 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-7 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-8 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-9 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-10 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-11 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-12 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-13 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-15 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-17

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pinnacle hotel 3pinnacle hotel 4Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-18 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-19 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-20 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-21 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-22

pinnacle hotel 1 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-23 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-24 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-25 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-26 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-27 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-28 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-29 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-30 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-31 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-32 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-33 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-34 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-35 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-36 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-37 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-38 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-39 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-40 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-41 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-42 Pinnacle-at-the-Pier-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-43