Kris & Samantha | Harrison Hot Springs Wedding

Kris and Samantha were married with a ceremony and reception at Harrison Hot Springs. The bride & groom live in Toronto but flew to Vancouver for their Granville Island engagement session. I knew from this initial shoot that their wedding was going to be incredible. This couple is seriously in love and didn’t need any coaching at all! They have been together for 8 years, I believe and are still so much in love that it shows. They are still very, very affectionate with an electric chemistry whenever you put them together.

The rain fell in a torrential downpour for the whole night before the wedding and throughout the morning while we were getting ready. We were worried we wouldn’t be able to have the ceremony outside or hit any of the amazing locations I had scouted the day before. But luckily, after Samantha got ready and we headed over to the hotel… the rain stopped!

My second shooter, Daniela Guzzo captured some amazing images with the groomsmen while I got ready with the ladies. I photographed the bride’s older sister, Elizabeth’s wedding 5 years earlier. The four sisters said at this wedding, “2 down, 2 to go!” :) I love that they all loved having me around. We had a ton of laughs throughout the day.

Kris and Samantha have a chemistry unlike anything I have ever seen. Just to see them looking at each other, you can tell they are a match made in heaven. Their first look was so cute and they couldn’t stop giggling and staring at each other. They were constantly making funny faces at each other.

This was truly one of my favorite weddings to date. It was hard to narrow down the pictures for a blog post! There are so many wonderful pictures of this beautiful day. The Harrison Springs location is awesome with lots of amazing places for pictures! We found an abandoned apple orchard where we stopped and captured some of my favorite portraits.

This whole wedding made me smile. I loved everyone in it… the bride & groom… the wedding party… the families… It was a truly magical & spectacular day! We didn’t even mind getting eaten alive by all the mosquitos, it was totally worth it to get the images we did. Samantha was such an incredibly beautiful bride and Kris was an absolute hoot as well.

Sam & Kris – thank you so much for letting me be a part of this amazing day!! I love you guys and had so much fun being around you and everyone there. Congratulations again, and I can’t wait for one of your other sisters to get married so I can see you all again! :)

Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-2 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-3

Harrison Hot Springs 4 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-4 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-5 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-6 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-7 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-8 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-9 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-10

Harrison Hot Springs 8 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-11 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-12 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-13 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-15 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-16 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-17

Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-18 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-19 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-20 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-21

Harrison Hot Springs 1 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-22 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-23 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-24 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-25 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-26

Harrison Hot Springs 2 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-27-1 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-27 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-28 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-29 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-30

Harrison Hot Springs 3 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-31

Harrison Hot Springs 5 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-32 Harrison-Hot-Springs-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-01-33