The Parlour in Yaletown | Vancouver, BC

Apple and Alicia were married at The Parlour in Yaletown. I loved being a part of their day! This event is a little bit different than the weddings I usually blog about. For this event, I was actually the second shooter for Kendra Coupland of Love Tree Photography. She and I have worked together a few times over the years and she’s a riot to work with. Kendra is not only very talented, but always fun to be around. As a second shooter, I have a chance to capture some more creative shots and experiment with new angles and ideas. It gives me the freedom to capture interesting moments in addition to the big moments of the day.

This was the first time I had ever shot a wedding quite like this. Alicia was an extremely laid back bride with a no-fuss attitude. She didn’t really want the traditional “getting ready” pictures, but she did want us there when she prepared for the day. It gave me a chance to capture some of the details, like the amazing wedding bands the bride made.

Everything about the wedding echoed that laid back, no-fuss attitude. The Parlour provided the perfect backdrop for their special day. Alicia didn’t walk down an aisle at all, she just clapped her hands and announced, “Okay, we’re getting married now so everyone get over here!” The bride and groom were immediately swarmed by all their guests. We could barely lift up our cameras to take photos! It was a very unique experience and a really fun wedding to be a part of. Their first dance was super fun but also very loving.

In true Greek tradition, there was the smashing of plates and fantastic music. Everyone danced the whole night long. We even found ourselves dancing as we were shooting! :- )This couple was amazing to be around. A few weeks later, I received a beautiful bracelet that the bride made for me as a thank-you for being Kendra’s side kick at the wedding. Congratulations again to Apple and Alica! I had so much fun being a part of your wedding day!

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