Tricia & Mark | Cecil Green Park House

Tricia and Mark were wed this summer at the beautiful Cecil Green Park House in Vancouver. I love shooting Cecil Green Park House weddings. The grounds and the house are absolutely beautiful! With its outstanding views of the Strait of Georgia and the mountains of the Howe Sound, Cecil Green Park House provides such a romantic setting for weddings. It was the perfect backdrop for Tricia and Mark’s beautiful day.

Before heading over to the venue, we spent time getting ready at the Hotel Vancouver downtown. The bride wore a unique black and white gown. It was truly one-of-a-kind and she looked stunning! For a fun touch, she paired it with high-heeled sneakers. The bridesmaids all wore black dresses and carried dark calla lilies for a dramatic effect.

Tricia and Mark did a first look in the gardens of the Cecil Green Park House. They looked so happy together. We were also able to capture some beautiful pictures in the conservatory before heading to the ceremony. The weather was beautiful and the light in the conservatory was perfect.

The ceremony was held on the lawn of the house, with the gardens as a lovely backdrop. Roxeanne from was wonderful as the officiant. I loved how animated Tricia was throughout the ceremony. She had some of the best reactions I’ve ever seen! You could see the love and excitement she felt for being surrounded by all the people she loved all day long. I even won an award at PWPC for the image of the bride hugging her friend at the end of the ceremony.

Thank you, Tricia and Mark for trusting me with your special day! Thank you also to Scott Johnson of Contrast Studios for being my second shooter and helping me to capture all the unique moments and great expressions of the day.

Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-1 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-2 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-3 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-4 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-5 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-6 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-7 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-8 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-9 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-10 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-11 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-12 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-13 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-14 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-15 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-16 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-17 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-18 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-20 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-21 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-22 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-23 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-24 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-25 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-26 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-27 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-28 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-29 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-30 Cecil-Green-Park-House-Wedding-Fran-Chelico-Photography-31

  • Tina said:

    WOW!!! Love the website and LOVE the piutrces. These bridal photos are great! Your technique was always good but I just cannot believe that you have only been focusing on this hobby for such a short time. Total impressed!!