Sabrina & Allen’s Mehndi & Sangeet | Vancouver Indian Wedding

Last week, I shared pictures from Sabrina and Allen’s amazing wedding at the Royal King Palace. Originally, I thought that this week I would share pictures from their amazing black tie finale event, but I thought it was important to share the images from the first two days of their wedding weekend where two important ceremonies took place: the Mehndi and the Sangeet.

The Mehndi ceremony is a significant part of an Indian wedding day dating back to early Vedic rituals. This ceremony is about beauty and elegance. The Mehndi was held at the bride’s home. During the Mehndi, the women were inside while the men prepared a goat stew outside. Mehndi, or Henna, is applied to the bride’s hands and arms. The designs were so amazingly intricate, and Sabrina had to make sure to sit very still while it dried. The end result was spectacular.

The Sangeet is a time for celebrating, singing, dancing and joking. It’s also a perfect time for wedding guests to meet and get to know each other. Sabrina and Allen’s Sangeet was held at the Bombay Banquet Hall. The bride’s mother had died a few years before, so when everyone was singing together there were tears as they remembered her together. The in-laws draped the red scarf around Sabrina’s shoulders. It was very lovely. There was a big dance party where brothers, dad and uncles danced together. With professional dancers and wonderful music, it was quite the celebration!

The black tie conclusion of this amazing Vancouver Indian Wedding will come next Thursday! You won’t want to miss it!

Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-001 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-002 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-003 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-004 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-005

Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-007-1 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-007 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-008 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-009 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-010 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-011 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-012 Sabrina-Allen-Mendhi-Sangeet-Vancouver-Indian-Wedding-Photographer-Fran-Chelico-013