Krystal & Wade | Howe Sound Inn

Krystal and Wade got married with a ceremony Rose Park followed by a beautiful reception at the Howe Sound Inn in Squamish, British Colombia. I loved being a part of this day and being able to capture these special moments.

Many couples have moved away from the older style tradition of waiting to see each other until the bride walks down the aisle, instead opting for a first look before the ceremony. Krystal and Wade completely abandoned both ideas, seeing each other while they were still getting ready! They were both very laid back and it made the day so enjoyable.

We took pictures at Britannia Beach, where the mountains provided a majestic backdrop for their portraits. The talented Roger Mahler from Union Photographers joined me as my second shooter. The bride and groom looked at each other with such adoration. It was wonderful to be able to capture the love they have for one another.

The lovely outdoor ceremony took place at Rose Park, where Shawn Miller from Young, Hip and Married performed a beautiful ceremony. There were TONS of mosquitoes, but we still were able to get beautiful pictures of the bride and groom. The picture of the two ring bearers crying their eyes out actually won awards from both PWPC (Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada) and ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.) Even while crying, those boys were adorable.

The reception had so many personal touches that personalized the day  – my favorite detail was the hearts cut out of sheets of music! Wade is a talented musician and he sang four different songs to the guests at the reception. Not only did he sing, but he played both the keyboard and the guitar for the songs. One song he dedicated to his grandmother. Both his mother and grandmother couldn’t stop crying. It was such a touching moment!

The kids at the wedding seriously cracked me up. They were absolutely hysterical the way that they played together on the dance floor. Their expressions were truly precious.

Krystal and Wade, you are so incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Thank you so much for having me be a part of your special day!

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