alexa & james | pinnacle at the pier | north vancouver wedding

The weather was dark and rainy the night before Alexa & James’ wedding and I hoped that the skies would get it all out so we could still have the ceremony on the rooftop patio at The Pinnacle at the Pier Hotel.  While getting ready it was still spitting here and there but by the time the ceremony started we had beautiful weather with the sun making an appearance.

They chose to do a First Look so we had quite a bit of time to wander around Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver to take some photos.  It was very touching to witness and both shed a few tears.

Alexa had Elsa Corsi‘s exquisite jewellery which shows she has great taste :)  And Tracey from Mink Makeup & Hair did a stunning job as well.

I had an amazing second shooter / bag shlepper extraodinaire … Pardeep Singh.  My friend is super talented and always a joy to be around!

pinnacle at the pier wedding 01

pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-02 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-03 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-04 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-05 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-06

pinnacle at the pier wedding 07pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-09 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-10 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-11 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-12

pinnacle at the pier wedding 13pinnacle at the pier wedding 14pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-15 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-16 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-17 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-18 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-19 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-20 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-21 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-22 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-23 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-24 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-25 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-26 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-27 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-28

pinnacle at the pier wedding 29pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-30 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-31 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-32 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-33

pinnacle at the pier wedding 34pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-35 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-36 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-37 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-38 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-39 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-40 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-41 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-42 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-43 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-44 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-45 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-46 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-47


pinnacle at the pier wedding 48pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-50

pinnacle at the pier wedding 51pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-52 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-53 pinnacle-at-the-pier-wedding-54pinnacle at the pier wedding 55