tanya & eric | burlington golf & country club | burlington wedding photographer

It was fun shooting this wedding!  Tanya and I went to high school together so it was a great opportunity to see some people I haven’t seen in quite some time.  She made a beautiful bride!  From her tulle wedding dress to her lovely Jimmy Choo shoes … Eric was very dapper in a black tuxedo and red Ferrari :).  My son was very excited to see these photos because of the car.  It was a bright sunny day at the Burlington Golf & Country Club where they had their wedding.  A big shout out to my dear friend Jennifer Ballard who came to second shoot with me from Toronto.

tanya-&-eric-wedding-005 tanya-&-eric-wedding-011 tanya-&-eric-wedding-012tanya-&-eric-wedding-044 tanya-&-eric-wedding-048 tanya-&-eric-wedding-049 tanya-&-eric-wedding-065a tanya-&-eric-wedding-067 tanya-&-eric-wedding-101tanya-&-eric-wedding-129 tanya-&-eric-wedding-140 tanya-&-eric-wedding-142 tanya-&-eric-wedding-149 tanya-&-eric-wedding-163 tanya-&-eric-wedding-170 tanya-&-eric-wedding-171 tanya-&-eric-wedding-175 tanya-&-eric-wedding-180 tanya-&-eric-wedding-197tanya-&-eric-wedding-213 tanya-&-eric-wedding-225tanya-&-eric-wedding-230 tanya-&-eric-wedding-234 tanya-&-eric-wedding-237tanya-&-eric-wedding-244tanya-&-eric-wedding-259 tanya-&-eric-wedding-271 tanya-&-eric-wedding-276tanya-&-eric-wedding-288 tanya-&-eric-wedding-351 tanya-&-eric-wedding-384 tanya-&-eric-wedding-397 tanya-&-eric-wedding-398 tanya-&-eric-wedding-432 tanya-&-eric-wedding-436 tanya-&-eric-wedding-440tanya-&-eric-wedding-459tanya-&-eric-wedding-469tanya-&-eric-wedding-491 tanya-&-eric-wedding-496 tanya-&-eric-wedding-505 tanya-&-eric-wedding-513 tanya-&-eric-wedding-527 tanya-&-eric-wedding-530 tanya-&-eric-wedding-536tanya-&-eric-wedding-565tanya-&-eric-wedding-581 tanya-&-eric-wedding-611 tanya-&-eric-wedding-631 tanya-&-eric-wedding-650 tanya-&-eric-wedding-753 tanya-&-eric-wedding-760 tanya-&-eric-wedding-761 tanya-&-eric-wedding-766 tanya-&-eric-wedding-774tanya-&-eric-wedding-791 tanya-&-eric-wedding-793 tanya-&-eric-wedding-796 tanya-&-eric-wedding-808ut

  • Rose said:

    Love the wooded area shots and the couple shots by the red car - some stunning shots with the mirror. She's a beautiful bride and a handsome groom. The water in the background of their ceremony is lovely.

  • suziechelico said:

    Beautiful, especially love bride seated in front
    of gold framed mirrors~