vyenna & jimmy | grouse mountain wedding | vancouver photographer

I love that close to 40% of my clients choose Vancouver as their destination location for their wedding.  Vyenna & Jimmy were living in Belgium when they contacted me to become their wedding photographer.   Vyenna got ready at the quaint Thistledown House Bed & Breakfast where Crystal from All Dolled Up Studio did a fantastic job on her hair and makeup.  Then we headed over to Lynn Valley Canyon for some photos.  This couple really wanted the focus of their day to be the beautiful views that Vancouver has to offer.  So what better location for a wedding ceremony than Cleveland Dam with our stellar mountains as a backdrop.  Their reception was at Grouse Mountain in the Timber Room which offered stunning views for all of their guests.  Thanks to Daniela Ciuffa for second shooting with me.

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  • Tanja said:

    From Belgium! (That's were we're from) Proves that the Belgians have a good taste for photography, haha. These shots are gorgeous. :)