fearless photographer awards – round 10

Fearless photographers are a unique list of approximately 900 photographers from all over the world.   The thing they have in common is pushing the limits and straying from typical wedding photography.  They are redefining the traditional take on capturing memories for their bride and groom.

This last competition, there were over 7500 images submitted and I am extremely proud to have won two of these awards.

These are the images that I won awards for in Round 10.

Very rarely do I get the opportunity to shoot the guys getting ready … they decided to get pampered at Absolute Spa at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.  I was lucky that they didn’t close the door all the way and I was able to capture this image.

This wedding was at Sasamat Camp and I am so glad the rain stopped so we were able to jump in the canoe to take some pretty cool shots.

I also won an award in Round 9 for a photo that I hold dear.  I am always looking around to capture all the little moments my bride & groom might miss.  I was able to capture this tender moment between the bride’s parents during the ceremony.

When the bride saw I won for this photo … this was her response to me:  “Fran, congratulations on your well deserved Fearless Photographer award! I am so grateful to you for giving us this captured moment of joy between my mom and dad on my wedding day. We lost my mom only six months after this was taken. I look at this photo often as it reminds me of the joy we shared on the happiest day of my life. You are extremely talented – luv Rebecca & Kevin” … THIS not only brought tears to my eyes … but made me love what I do even more … being able to capture these memories for people more than touches my heart it makes me feel very proud of my profession!