Steve & Renee | the Loden Hotel | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Renee was referred to me by our chiropractor.  When Steve, Renee & I decided to meet to discuss their wedding … we were instant friends.  I felt like I had known this couple for a long time.  Everything was so easy.  Over the year we have gotten to know each other even better and I was completely over the moon that I was photographing my new friends wedding.  They are such a lovely couple and so incredibly sweet with each other.

We started getting ready shots at the Loden Hotel.  It is such a beautiful venue.  They also had their relaxed and super cool reception there.  The beautiful ceremony was held at the Cleveland Park with the most stunning backdrop for a wedding!!

We went to Gastown for some shots before the ceremony.  I have to say … her brother on the left cracked me up!  He couldn’t wait to start doing some Zoolander poses…he was ready to go :)  thanks for being so much fun everyone!!!




A HUGE “thank you” to Vanessa Ng for being such a hoot that day and for getting some great shots!  I loved working with you girl!  Evan Orion from Flower-z did an amazing job yet again!!  I loved the pinwheels throughout the whole wedding.  They were along the aisle at the ceremony … in the favors … and on the cupcake table.  Renee won a contest with one of our engagement photos so the awesome Reflection Events were there to help set everything up.

  • Tod said:

    Probably the most intimate and genuine wedding I've ever been to and Fran captured it beautifully. Looking at the photos, I felt like I could literally smell the flowers, taste the food and feel the energy of the venues. Awesome work!

  • Rose said:

    The photos of the couple and the reception looked like a hoot. I loved the initmate couple shots in the grass, trees and car.
    Nicely done everyone!

  • Renee-Claude Lauer said:

    Fran! These pictures are absolutely amazing. I am the happiest bride right now. It was well worth the wait seeing these. I feel like I am reliving these moments all over again. I am so happy that we have the same chiro. LOL!

  • Jana said:

    Gorgeous, Fran! It's like they planned all the most perfect venues for photographs, and then you did an amazing job capturing it.

  • Sukkhi said:

    Dear Ranee and Steve,

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos by Fran! That too of a wonderful wedding! Sukkhi :)

  • Vanessa said:

    Such a great wedding, and captured so beautifully. A wonderful mix of beautiful, romantic, fun and goofy, just like the bride and groom!!

  • Amazing work Fran! Really spectacular! There is something I really love about the shot with the trolley bus. Gorgeous shots throughout!

  • Vancouver Wedding Photographer said:

    This photo tells the whole story behind that wedding, so colorful and magical. I just feel like watching an inspiring love story. So true.:)