Matt & Lindsay | Renaissance Aruba Resort | Aruba Wedding Photography

I love Lindsay & Matt’s story … they are one of those lucky couples who met on eHarmony and fell in love.  They both like to snowboard and hike as well as travel. So it was only fitting that Matt propose to Lindsay in St. Lucia over the holidays and then have a destination wedding :).  Since Lindsay & Matt live in Fort McMurray, Alberta we had to do everything through email so when I got their inquiry about going to Aruba to shoot their wedding that was at the end of February…I was super excited!!  These two definitely know how to have fun from the rehearsal sailboat party … to the music blaring bus … to the beautiful wedding … and our adventurous trash the dress (more of that to come).  Thank you so much guys for allowing me to capture your special day and for flying my super second shooter Daniela Ciuffa down as well … we had a blast!!

One of the reasons why Lindsay & Matt chose Aruba is that it doesn’t rain … well … not the case the day of the wedding … we woke up to a brutal rain storm.  But it didn’t phase Lindsay at all … she has got to be the most laid back bride I have seen to date :)

Lindsay and her sister are twins … it was really cute watching them get ready together.

Dad waiting patiently for the women to finish getting ready …

I love this series of Lindsay and her mother …

LOVE mom’s look here!!

The Renaissance Hotel in Aruba has a private island where the couple got married.  You have to take a boat to get there.  This is what you see when you get over there …


  • Rose said:

    I love the couples on the hammock. How romantic. It's like they are in their own little love zone. Aruba sure is beautiful.

  • Amazing work as always Fran! I love the beauty and emotion you capture. I heart the flamingos!

  • These absolutely blow me away! I love your detail shots, I love your compositions, and I HATE the fact that you didn't bring me home a flamingo!

  • Incredible wedding and amazing photos. I know Linds will be/is impressed!

  • Lindsay said:

    Loved seeing the post! We had such a fabulous time and I loved seeing all of these pics! They turned out so beautifully and we can't wait to get them printed! You and Daniela did an amazing job! THANK YOU!

  • Sachin said:

    These are so crazy good Fran.. i really admire your work! lovely storytelling

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  • I love looking at your blog! your detail shots are amazing and your compositions are so well thought out! i love your b&w conversions too :)

  • Ashley Martens said:

    Stunning!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! YOU are so talented!

  • Taylor Dupuis said:


    Your photos are amazing! Absolutely beautiful!
    I have a strange request...I was wondering if you would be able to find out if Matt and Lindsay the couple who had the Aruba wedding would be willing to e-mail with me regarding details of their wedding. I am considering planning a destination wedding and their wedding looks absolutely perfect! I would love to ask Lindsay some questions about their experience in Aruba, any difficulties, and actual cost.

    Please let me know if this is at all possible.
    Thank-you kindly for your time!
    Sincerely, Taylor Dupuis.