Fer Juaristi | Davina & Daniel Toronto Workshop

I am a strong believer in education…whether it is formal, seminars, reading or workshops.  I try to take a workshop or seminar at least once a year to stay current and to push myself as an artist.  I always want to get better … be more daring … try new things and to master my craft.  Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop in Toronto and am excited to implement some of the things I learned in my shooting and editing style.

The first day was with Fer Juaristi and he completely blew me out of the water.  He is an incredibly talented, humble and wonderful human being who had us all laughing for two days.  Thank you so much Fer for sharing your knowledge and being so inspiring.

The second day was with Davina & Daniel who are also a husband and wife team with a very interesting way of photographing.  It was interesting learning new ways to push yourself and to use your surroundings more creatively.

My head is still spinning from all the things we learned but also with excitement.  I met 14 other wonderful photographers from all over and am looking forward to maintaining those new friendships.  Speaking of friendships … thank you to Jessica Blaine Smith for opening up her funky studio to all of us and becoming my new friend.  You rock girl!

Here are just a few of the photos I was able to snap off … it’s always so hard getting “the” shot when you have so many photographers trying to shoot the same thing differently :)

This is Fer … he kicks ass with his vision!!  I love how he sees and photographs things.

learning how to see light differently … here are a few shots I was able to grab of our real life couple.

couldn’t decide if i liked this shot better in black and white or in color … Molina … you are beautiful!

this is Jennifer Ballard … she’s pretty rad too.

the lovely Jessica Blaine Smith :)

Fer checking the light with his hand … love this trick :)

while everyone was shooting this … i did this … lol

having a shoot off with Fer … he makes me laugh.  the end.