Laura & Adam |The Pinnacle Hotel | North Vancouver Wedding Photographer

There are certain people in this world who make you feel so comfortable, like you’ve been old friends for years.  Laura has that effect with everyone she comes into contact with.   Then there is Adam.  He is also one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  Seeing the two of them together … melts your heart.  There is so much love between them, it is evident just by the way they look at each other.

In the morning I met up with Laura and her daughter Hailey at Nasrin’s Salon where Mitra styled their hair and Dorota applied her makeup.  Watching Hailey’s expression while she watched her mother turn into a beautiful bride was so sweet to witness … she cracked me up quite a bit that day.

Is this the coolest eye-lash curler you’ve ever seen or what?!

While I was with the ladies … rock star Daniela Ciuffa was with the guys … Thanks D for all your help!

Because Adam & Laura are from Saskatchewan … they both opted to get ready at The Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier in North Vancouver … this is also where the ceremony & reception were.  Extremely beautiful hotel.

I loved all of Hailey’s little details too … she was so excited to get ready.

When Laura walked down the aisle and grabbed Adam’s hand … he just kept repeating over and over again … “you are sooooo beautiful” with tears in his eyes as he rubbed her hand!  It was such an amazing reaction and so darn touching!!!!  My fav to date!

Her father performed a lovely ceremony and there wasn’t a dry eye throughout … then after Laura & Adam exchanged rings … he surprised everyone by going over to Hailey and putting a ring on her finger as well.  I love these shots that Daniela captured!  Hailey didn’t stop staring at it for the rest of the ceremony :)

  • Lacy said:

    Love those detail shots!! That last shot is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Jessica Isman said:

    Your eyes look so green Laura! You're beautiful!

  • Jessica Isman said:

    Fran, the photos are gorgeous! I can't put into words how well you captured the love in the air that day!

  • Aunty Cath said:

    These photographs are exceptionally beautiful....they bring back such sweet and happy memories....thanks for sharing!

  • Rose Jaworski said:

    Photos are absolutely beautiful. Looking at them makes you feel you are in the room with them. Loved them all.

  • Laura Goertz said:

    Hey Fran!


    We love the pictures and all the wonderful things you had to say about us. You had me crying in the car on the way to the airport today.(what me cry!!??)

    I feel the same way about you! You are an instant friend:) You made everything so easy even though I was close to hyperventilating. Your pictures are amazing and I cant wait to see more! Thank you so much!!

  • Kristin Rogers - MOH said:

    OMG...Fran these are gorgeous!!
    How could they not be, with your stunning subjects.
    I love the pic of Laura when Adam gave Hailey the ring. Totally captures the feeling of the moment!

    Laura, Adam & Hails
    Luv you all...the day was amazing and I'm so happy I could be a part of it.

  • Carol Hyman said:

    We Winnipeggers are so very happy for you all. Your wedding pictures are amazing. May you have many, many years of happiness.
    Such a beautiful family.

  • jenberry said:

    first of all you find the perfect light for the bridal portraits. her skin is glowing. secondly i love the emotion of the last shot. there's something special about it. i know you can't see the bride's face, but i feel like i know what it is, you can just tell by the groom's reaction. it's a perfect capture. you rock.

  • Barb Isman (Adam's Mom) said:

    Hey Fran,

    The beautiful dresses are packed away, the flowers, cake and decorations are long gone and the venue has since hosted a few more weddings. Of course, we have the memories of a perfect day but even this can be expected to fade over time. That's why I am truly thankful that,with your skill and caring nature, you have gone beyond mere have actually managed to capture the feeling of love and joy between Adam and Laura that we were privileged to witness. Now when we look at the pictures, it will be the feeling not just the images we remember forever. I am so thankful though that we chose you to photograph Laura and Adam's perfect day.