Jenn & Justin | Granville Island Brewery Wedding | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I was excited for Justin & Jenn’s wedding day to arrive!  They are amazing to be around…great in front of the camera … very happy & easy to laugh with…very genuine people…who are totally in love with each other!!  I adore them to bits!!  There were quite a few times throughout the day that I had tears trickling down my face as well … it was a beautiful wedding and I am honored to have been able to capture their day for them!

Bridal preparation shots are one of my favourite parts of the day and I couldn’t wait to meet these lovely ladies at Hotel l’hermitage.  When I showed up Jenn was one of the most calm and super excited brides I have ever seen … Amanda had already started putting on everyones makeup…so I busied myself with some detail shots until it was Jenn’s turn.

bride jewlerywedding dress l'hermitage

Her dad was so cute … he kept sending texts/photos so he could come up to the room because he was so exited/bored by himself…

brides dad

Jenn was absolutely stunning!

bride prep - hotel l'hermitage

Her dad’s reaction when he saw her in her gown and veil was priceless…

l'hermitage prep

Just before we left for the church we stopped for a photo in one of the lounges in the hotel.


are you kidding me!?  seriously gorgeous!

bride l'hermitage lobby

Off to St. Mark’s to get married …

bride walking down aisle

My second shooter Greg Masuda caught this great shot of Justin during the ceremony! I just love it!

groom ceremony

my view during the ceremony

bride wedding ceremony

I loved the light coming in the church from all the windows … it was so lovely!


Justin’s dad performed the ceremony…

st marks ceremony w dad

how excited are they?

st marks ceremony

Off to Gastown for some fun shots! Look at the colours of these flowers!  They were beautiful!

bridal bouquet

and so was this wedding party!!

wedding party gastown photo

see what i mean about how fun they are to be around!!  always smiling …

bride groom laughing - gastown wedding photos


bridegroom - gastown wedding photos

Jenn&Justin corner gastown

Bride gastown photos

wedding party gastown photos

ushers - gastown

Jenn&Justin couch luxsoft - gastown wedding

Jenn&Justin couch closeup - gastown wedding

Jenn&Justin couch - gastown wedding

groom seat - gastown wedding

bride bw gastown

groom - gastown wedding

then off to the pub for a drink … and more photos …

bride - gastown wedding

bride bw - gastown wedding

groom - gastown

off to the Granville Island Brewery for the reception … the lovely cake & cupcakes were done by Laura Barker from Pacific Pastries

granville island brewery - cake

these grandparents are still so much in love and were so sweet to watch :)

IMG_5773 (2)

their first song was “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz … love it!!!

IMG_5991 (2)-Edit

This amazing wedding ran so smoothly because of the wonderfully talented event planner Sandy Pandher.  Look forward to working with you again in the future.

Justin & Jenn … thank you again for being WICKED AWESOME!!!!  I heart you guys to the moon and back!!  I wish you many many years of happiness … xoxoxox

  • Nick said:

    I always love your work, but dang this is awesome! I can't wait till Halloween! :)

  • Jenn said:

    Fran... words escape me. you are truly fabulous. I love how you captured our day! so many fantastic moments, and you really got them all! the way you see light is amazing. thank you. you are the best!!!!!!

  • Anne said:

    We've been waiting anxiously to see these! And yes, they are seriously gorgeous! I can't wait to see them all.

  • Roxanne said:

    Beautiful Fran! Simple beautiful!

  • Fran,, are amazing! thank you for capturing so many beautiful moments for Jenn and Justin, they truly are an amazing couple!

  • Rose said:

    What can I say! They are stunning. I had to laugh when I saw the shots with the couch in the middle of the sidewalk! Only you Frannie!!! Love them all. The colours are amazing and their smiles truly made the photo's incredible.

  • Justin said:

    FRAN!!! The pictures are amazing. The way you play with light is amazing and working with you and Greg was so fun. Thanks for capturing the feeling of the whole day!

  • Claire said:

    Fran, you captured their day perfectly. You did an amazing job!!! I love your photos!!!

  • i love how you included that wingback couch on the sidewalk, absolutely stunning!

  • jenberry said:

    great variety of B&G portraits. awesome job!!!! you amaze me every time.

  • OHHHH I don't even know this couple and I am excited about these!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Those detail shots! You NAILED It!! It can't get more PERFECT than that! Those moments captured during the ceremony?!?! Are you KIDDING me!?!? and that LIGHT! Holy smokes!! Look at those couch shots... the laughing... OHHH the happiness that exudes from that couple...You did SUCH an amazing job at capturing that day for them! SO good!!

  • Amazing! Had I known such gorgeous wedding work was possible, I may not have quit wedding photography so soon. Thanks for this contribution to photography.

  • "Are you kidding me, seriously?" is a very nice photo! seriously. It's dark for a theme of getting married but aesthetically speaking, the combination of lighting and the bride's emotion is great!

  • the photo with a caption "are you kidding me, seriously gorgeous" is quite dark for a bridal theme but aesthetically speaking, the lighting and the bride's reaction is a good mixture.