11 years ago today … Happy Anniversary | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I woke up 11 years ago today with butterflies in my stomach like I have never felt before … it was a beautiful day with blue skies … all my friends and family were with me … and I was going to get married!  You couldn’t wipe the grin off my face all day!!  When my parents walked me down the aisle … I remember starting to cry … everyone was staring at me and it was starting to register … “oh my goodness!!  I’m getting married!!” … When we got to the end of the aisle and Michael held my hand … I felt like I had come home … a feeling of complete and utter calm came over me … I couldn’t wait to begin our life … he still has this affect over me whenever I start going a little crazy … he just needs to hold my hand and talk to me and I know it is going to be ok … he makes me laugh like no other … he is my biggest cheerleader … the best father to our son … and the person I always want to have around me … he is my rock … and the love of my life!

We have had such an amazing adventure the last 11 years … from selling our home in St. Catharines, Ontario and moving to Ithaca, NY … to New York City … and now to Vancouver.   We have had some ups and downs but it has only made us stronger as a team … We have traveled all over and have some great memories … I cannot wait to have more adventures with you by my side …

Happy Anniversary Michael … I love you!

our wedding 1for my girlfriends and sister … really … I had short hair and tried to have an updo :).  i look like an upside down mop!!  ya coulda tried to talk me out of that one …

Scan_Pic0004 copySee what I mean??  Big grins all day long :)

our wedding 2

LOL!!  How about these photos … all of this done without Photoshop!!

our wedding 3

ok … wait for it … wait for it …

our wedding 4

  • Sara said:

    Gorgeous picture Fran!! You two look amazing <3
    Happy anniversary Fran and Mike! Love you guys! Take Care!! xox

  • lol wow.. YOU look EXACTLY THE SAME NOW as you did 11 YEARS AGO!!! I hope I age as well as you do! I don't even think its fair to call it "Aged"... because it doesnt look like you HAVE!! I Think you looked beautiful! I like that car shot... actually... I just am not sure whats going on around it! How did they do that? haha

  • Vee said:

    Happy Anniversary! 11 years..craazyyy. And you still rocked the upsidedown mop look ;) haha

  • Nick said:

    Wow, Fran you were one hot bride! ;) Love that old car! and the white "vignette" is... ummm... special! :)

  • Happy Anniversary! Your photos look a lot better than mine from '98! Still, they show the love between you two! Congrats!

  • Cheers to one of my favorite couples. Love you guys and Max too! xo

  • Amy said:

    Happy Anniversary Fran ane Mike, I love you guys!! you are awesome!

  • jenberry said:

    11 years and STRONG. that's incredible. you are my inspiration. you look t he same. HOT

  • Andrea said:

    Congrats Fran!! You look beautiful...hairdo and all :)
    You don't look a day older...how did that happen? What's the secret??? :) Miss you roomie!

  • Mark said:

    Happy anniversary, Fran and Michael! :) You guys looked great and I'm jealous at the lack of aging. 11 years? It could have been two.

  • Awwww! You guys look so cute and happy! Loving the intergalactic car shot... lol ;)

  • larissa said:

    i am lol at your comments "wait for it ..." these are so cute!