Amy & Dillon | Valhalla Inn Wedding | Thunder Bay, Ontario | Destination Wedding Photographer

Where to begin with this lovely young woman … well for starters she is my cousin’s daughter and means alot to me.  Amy has such a HUGE heart that when I had my son in NYC, she was willing to leave her little town comfort zone to fly to the Big City to help me.  We really got to know each other and it meant the world to me having her there … and my son totally adored her!

I was over the moon happy when I heard she was getting married and even more excited when she asked me to be her wedding photographer!  I haven’t been to Geraldton in 11 years so it was an absolutely amazing trip spending time with my family.  We stayed at Kenogamisis Lake Resort for the week, which happens to be Amy’s parents properties, and got to hang out with all my fantastic family and eat tons of fresh fish!!

A few days later we drove to Thunder Bay to watch Amy & Dillon get married … what an adorable couple!  I had never met Dillon and couldn’t wait to give him a big huge hug and welcome him into our family…he is an absolute doll!

Now if anyone has spent even 5 minutes with Amy … she loves to make faces and is a huge ham (especially in front of the camera … lol)!!  Dillon is an avid hunter so her garter belt was made of camouflage and little pewter moose.

1 - bride prepHow gorgeous are her eyes!!  WOW!

2 - bride prep

That morning there was a ton of fog!  Her shoes were something blue …

3 - bridal shoes

4 - bridal shoes

5 - wedding dressThe flower girls were beautiful and very sweet!

6 - mckenna flower girl

6 - little flower girl7 - groom flower

Just about to walk down the aisle

8 - bride before ceremony

9 - wedding ceremony collageHow excited was I when I saw 4 antique cars … a deserted gas station … we found some cool places to shoot!  Amy was in model heaven! Her & Dillon Rocked IT!



12 - bride  groom

13 - bride groom14 - bride groom

Amazing wedding party!!  Reily has got to be the BEST maid of honor I have ever seen … especially when Amy went all Bridezilla … lol …

15 - wedding party

17 - bridesmaids16 - bridesmaids

16 - groom

17 - groomsmen

18 - bride groom

19 - bride groom

20 - bridesmaids flowersAmy had two white roses in her bouquet to represent each grandfather that couldn’t be there …

20 - flowers

22 - bride groom

23 - bride groom

24 - wedding rings25 - wedding rings

Sorry it’s such a long post but they live really really far away and couldn’t decide what to post :).

Lots of love to all of you!!  xoxox

  • Jody said:

    Awesome pics Fran! We can't choose our favourite as we love them all!

  • tifanie said:

    omg what can i say... you captured every last essence of "amy" from g-town. they are amazing and i can totally just picture amy when she was taking these pictures and giving her "model" face. i cant even tell you which one is my favourite because they are all so good.

  • Riley said:

    Hi Fran :)
    These are amazing!!! Thanks for being so awesome, I have never seen such amazing wedding pics before!
    You are so doing my wedding!

  • Rose said:

    Holy Moly Frannie does it again. I absolutley love them all. Brought tears to my own eyes seeing Amy, her mom and her grandma all tearing. Way to capture those shots! Gas station shots are super cool-love the Self Serve signs. I'm so glad you were able to be Amy's photographer and all the family could get together again after so many years. It was a blast!

  • Amy said:

    I love you Fran!!! These pictures are beyond amazing. Thank you so much, you are the best ever.

  • Anna-Lynn said:

    What can I say. BEAUTIFUL!!! Amy looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • Sara Mac Iver said:

    Fran, you are amazing! I started to cry all over again when I looked at these. They are gorgeous! Amy sure does know how to pose, eh? Hah. It was really nice seeing you again, and I hope that it is not another 10 years til I see you next. P.S. Whenever I get married, I know who I am going to call to be my photographer!;-) You are very creative and the outcome of these pictures are phenomenal!
    Much love <3
    Love Sara xox

  • Fran, these are AMAZING! i love the close up of her eyes and the quality of your images is really beautiful.

  • Nick said:

    Holy Crap Fran!!! These shots are amazing! Seriously you KILLED this wedding.

  • Jocelyne said:

    All I can say is WOW, you are truly amazing, these are the best wedding pics I have ever seen.....

  • Nancy said:

    Hey Fran Can't tell you how much I love these pictures. The gas station is my favourite. It looks like an advertisement. Love the one of Joanne, Amy and Nona crying so touching. These are the absolute best wedding pictures I've ever seen.

  • Nancy said:

    It's me Nancy again. I work at the elementary school Amy used to go to and I've been showing her old teachers the pictures and they are absolutely amazed. Who could make Amy that beautiful:)(just joking Amy)

  • Joanne said:

    the pics are so beautiful i can't express how amazing they are. you are amazing, keep up the good work and take care

  • Karen & Chuck Kelner said:

    These are just fantastic photos.....everyone looks like professional models. The old cars really added to the photography and what can I say....who could say that one photo is better than the other...They are all great!! I am a bit partial to the Gas Station photos and the one taken by the Under Pass!! Great Job....keep up the good work!!

  • Mark said:

    Ooh, very nice, Fran! Awesome work!

  • Ashley Abraham said:

    Fran, what incredible photgraphy!! But with a subject like our Amy, how could your pictures not turn out to be spectacular!?! What a special day the wedding was, I've never seen Amy look so beautiful, she absolutely took my breath away... Dillon cleans up pretty well, too, i must say :)
    But in all seriousness, the photo of the closeup of Amy's face, with Dillon over her shoulder, embracing her neck brought tears to my eyes. What a stunning woman, that picture really captures just how precious Amy really is, and how much she means to Dillon. I loved it. Thank you so much for you talent, Fran. And for being able to bring that emotion and love out in a photograph!
    Best to you and yours, and to the newly married couple!! :)

  • mary heckley said:

    These are the best wedding photos I've ever seen.

  • You are a rockstar, Frannie. Love the gas station photos. They should make one of those into a thank you postcard.

  • VEE said:

    Love the detailed shots, especially the dress shot! Gas station was really cool. My favourite shot is the one on the wall where Dillon is kissing her..right after the male group shot, love it! <3

  • Pam said:

    Your photos are incredibly beautiful, they make you laugh they make you cry. You did a great job Fran, I want to call this collection of wedding photos FRANTASTIC!! I was sitting beside your Mom during the ceremony and want to let her know that she has a very talented kid!! But keep a sharp eye Fran, because we saw your son in action with the digital camera, you may get some stiff competion soon!

  • seriously?
    these are awesome photos!!!
    i love every one of them. you did a great job, especially with the shoes on the fence!

  • Nathalie Cull said:

    Wow Fran your pictures are absolutley beautiful. Dillon and Amy made it look easy!! Tammy and Joanne you girls look pretty good too!