Chad & Tamara | Grand Olympia Wedding | Hamilton, Ontario | Destination Wedding Photographer

This couple can add another chapter to their incredible love story… Getting Married!   Anybody who saw Tamara preparing for her big day could feel the joy and excitement overflowing from this young woman.  This is the day she has been waiting for since she was 5 years old!  She was going to marry Chad.  Everyone was all smiles and giggles until she put her wedding dress on … then it became real, in a few moments she was going to be getting married.  It didn’t take long for that smile to once again light up the room…she couldn’t wait to become Mrs. Jelly.

Even though the ceremony was only 15 minutes … it was one of the most emotional ceremonies I have ever witnessed.  There was not a dry eye in the Grand Olympia hall, even all the groomsmen were affected by their words.  I have known Tamara since she was born and was so honored to be there to capture her and Chad’s memories … but it was incredibly difficult with tears spilling out of my eyes…

I wish you many years of love and laughter … may you never forget how special your love is for each other.


wedding dress outside

Her amazing hot pink BCBG shoes!



texting at salon

flower girl



wedding dress black background

One last check before putting on her dress … 

brides corner

Coming up to show her parents what a gorgeous bride she is…

bride showing parents

I love how her parents got so emotional seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time …

brides parents emotional

Watching Chad’s parents walk him down the aisle was unbelievably touching!!  This is when the water works started for me and I think everyone else.  This is a very close knit family and was really beautiful to watch their love for each other. 

groom walking down aisle with parents


After the ceremony we went to Fifty Point Conservation area for some portraits.

bride & groom antique

bride & groom black white

chad & tamara trio logo

bride and groom outside


Tamara’s grandfather passed away almost 2 years ago and she had a photo of him pinned to her bouquet.


My little neice Angela … she just loves being a flower girl.

flower girl princess

I don’t normally post dancing shots … but I couldn’t resist with all of these … they just tell the story so perfectly.

first dance

father daughter dance

son mother dance

I hope you guys had a great honeymoon in Mexico!  Lots of love to you both – xox –

NOW … I wan’t going to post these … but couldn’t resist!  My son was the ring bearer and is a very shy kid!  You would never have guessed the way he tore up the dance floor to all his favorite songs!  LOL … yup … my son is “that” guy who puts the tie around his head and un-buttons his shirt!

ring bearer

  • Leslie Coutu said:

    Frannie - I had tears in my eyes the entire time and I don't even know this couple - talk about capturing the emotion - job well done and then some

  • Somer said:

    WOW, WOW, WOW—that’s all I have to say! Beautiful job! It couldn’t have been captured more perfectly!

  • Andrea said:

    So beautiful Fran!! I love the picture of the rings, incredible!

  • Nancy said:

    These are great Fran! Talk about the range of emotions. From the tears in the groom's eyes to the tie on the head! Great Work!

  • Jaleen said:

    LOVE the detailed shots Fran. What a beautiful wedding, GREAT JOB. And ps: your son is hilarious!!!!

  • sandi said:

    U ROCK!!! real talent gurl

  • Vee said:

    talk about capturing the moment! These shots are unreal! The text message, Chad all tearing up seeing her, uncle Moe and Auntie Anna when they saw Tamara all dolled up! I Love Them!! Especially the dance picture where Tamara is standing with Uncle Moe watching Chad and Heather, awesome!

  • Tifanie said:

    I love love love the one of tamara and chad sitting beside the fence at fifty point.
    and the bouquet.. im sure Da would have loved to be there physically but we definitly felt his presence by having him on the flowers.
    the picture of tamara and uncle moe watching chad and heather is amazing.. gave me goosebumps
    and the tears in chads eyes still bring tears to mine.
    you did an amazing job and i cant wait to see the others!!

  • Tamara said:

    I just want to say thank you once again for doing such an amazing job! The pictures are so beautiful, I cant wait to see what else you have taken. So easy to work with, you made it so comfortable even with a very sick groom! You captured our special day perfectly, thanks again! love you! xoxoxoxoxo

  • Heather Jelly said:

    These pics are amazing Fran thanks so much!!!!!

  • Crystal said:

    WOW FRAN...FINALLY found these photos...LOL


    Like love love love them....! ESPECIALLY the old school looking do you do that with editing...I just LOVE it!!

    I didnt want them to end! LOL