Sherkston Shore Fishing Expedition | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

It has been a fun filled trip back to Ontario to visit my family and friends.  I feel bad and embarassed to admit that I lugged all my gear here and have hardly taken any photos.  Bad Fran!   Bad!
The weather has been crazy…one day it is sunny and warm…the next it is snowing…the next it is raining with extreme winds.  Very hard to get out and do some of the photo shoots I came down here to do.  But it has been amazing just chilling and hanging out with the family!

Here are just a few photos of our trip to Ridgeway, Ontario… I promise to do a better job in the last week that I am here … lol!  Stay tuned for an exciting contest that I am about to launch in the next few days …

This is our friend’s gorgeous 10 month old baby…Edan.  Look at these eyes…my goodness!



This dog is the only dog my son will play with...he is absolutely amazing! Must be having a firefighter as a Master :)

My husband Mike and his friend Chris grew up together in Brockville, Ontario.  I have been married to Mike for 10 years and have noticed that these two men cannot be together without talking about fishing…going fishing…talking about past fishing experiences…planning fishing trips…eatting fish…etc.  :).  So, it was not a surprise when they suggested we go fishing at Sherkston Shores…my son was extremely excited! 



Looks like it’s going to be chicken for dinner :(   …. but that’s ok Mommy, it was still fun!


It was a great day getting caught up with a dear dear friend, and especially lovely to finally meet Melanie who Chris will marry in August.   It felt like we have known each other for years!  I love it when that happens :).

here’s the photo of Edan in black and white too…I couldn’t decide which one I liked better…


  • Melanie said:

    You've beautifully captured all my boys so well. I admire your eye for the essence of the moment, and the images you've captured are unforgettable. I can't wait for the portraits to decorate our new home...both to display your talents, Edan's piercing blue eyes, Jack truly in his element, and Chris in an everyday moment as the proudest dad around. I am so lucky to have them all in my life, and you as a new friend. Thanks for a special weekend!