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This is a bit of a long story about perserverance and never giving up on your dream…pull up a seat…get cozy…this is a good one!

A three year old little girl is starting dance class and couldn’t be more excited!   Until she is introduced to a little boy and becomes totally enamored.  She looks up at her mother and says…”I’m going to marry him one day”. 

Years had passed and their paths didn’t really cross until grade 8.  This is when the real fixation began for her.  I have had the pleasure of knowing this lovely girl/woman her whole life and have been eye witness to some pretty funny obsessions.   They were both at the same dance studio and Tamara pretty much worshipped Chad…from a distance.  For some reason, she feared that she wouldn’t remember him, if for some strange reason, she couldn’t see him anymore…so she started a scrapbook ‘Everything Chad’…she started collecting all kinds of crazy things and everything he touched went into this book…gum wrappers, chip bags, a letter he once wrote her, a hair net, the cap from his ice tea, etc.  She never stopped dreaming she was going to be his wife!

Finally near the end of high school she found the courage to ask him to her prom…and wouldn’t you know it…he said “yes”!  They have been dating ever since and that was six and a half years ago. 

Two weeks before Tamara moved away for Teacher’s college, her dream came true!  All of the families were sitting around after a golf tournament when Chad presented her with one of those Build a Bear’s wearing a Toronto Maples Leaf’s jersey.  Since Chad has always known about Tamara’s collection/stalking/fear … he said he wanted her to remember him while she was away at school and that the bear had a message for her…

“Hi Gorgeous…you mean the world to me…I love you…will you marry me?”

LOL!  you couldn’t get her to stop screaming or crying!  Talk about perserverance…It was amazing to be there with them and I couldn’t be happier for the both of them.  They are the sweetest couple.  Although they have a long history together…the love that exudes from this couple is unbelievable and doesn’t come around very often.  It was the easiest photoshoot I have ever done because they are always so tender with one another.  tc8 tc7


I love the feel of this photo!

I love the feel of this photo!


I love the heart tipped arrow pointing at Tamara...that was a total fluke!

I love the heart tipped arrow pointing at Tamara...that was a total fluke!








I can’t wait to photograph your wedding this July, it’s going to be a blast!  Lots of love to you both!! xo

couch … $10

gas … $15

carwash … $8

towtruck … $262.50

photos … PRICELESS