Fun at the Queen’s Cross in North Vancouver | Vancouver Commercial Photographer

My husband and I have always loved watching live bands and hanging out at little pubs.   When we moved from NYC, we were worried we wouldn’t have anything close by … well … stumbling distance from our home is the best pub ever!  The Queen’s Cross is only about 4 blocks away and we frequent often…especially if there is a live band.  One of our favourites is Adam Woodall.  Sometimes they play as the Adam Woodall Band and others as Rosco.   They do not disappoint in the fun department.  They are awesome to dance to and guaranteed to put on a great show!

Here are a few shots of them playing at the Queen’s Cross.  If you get a chance to check it out…I highly recommend.  Plus the food at the Cross is amazing as well as all the staff…especially the owner Chris :).