New Blog and New Website | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

After many many months of preparation…I am proud to announce my new website has just launched.  What a long and stressful process, but definately worth it!  Please check out and see if you agree!  I would love any comments or feedback, if any :)

I would like to thank the team at ShowIt Sites for all of their help…especially Andrew!  You definately saved me from pulling my hair out a few times Andrew and I can’t thank you enough!!  You ROCK!!!   David Jay is the creator of all the ShowIt products and I find them to be very easy to use and they look great!  If anyone is looking for a new site, slideshows, etc. this is the place to go.

I am equally happy with my new blog!   The team from ProPhoto Blogs, especially Jared Henderson, were incredibly helpful and quick to respond with any question I had.  Jared was on vacation and was still emailing me with answers to my questions.  He was just as dedicated to getting my blog up and running as I was…very very impressed!  you guys are truly amazing!  Thank you for all your hard work.

And you can’t put up a blog post on a photo blog without a photo or two…I took these last summer outside the Sequoia Grill Restaurant  in Stanley Park.  You can’t get a more beautiful sunset!!   {sigh}  Dreaming of summer nights, flip flops and warm weather!

Biker Enjoying sunset


  • Rosie Hernandez said:

    WOW! Your work is exquisite and the new site is the perfect fit. Best Wishes.

  • Tammy Boylan Popiez said:

    Your work is truly amazing. Who knew a little skinny girl from Steel town would turn out to be so talented. It was a pleasure admiring your work.

  • Somer Zangrando said:

    Your new website is AMAZING!!! Great work Fran! You are so talented!

  • Amanda Swift said:

    Holy cow Fran, your site is AWESOME! Your pictures should be in magazines! I was blown away. My absolute favourite was in the wedding category. It's the picture that looks like either the mother/father of the bride or the groom. They are holding hands, sitting down. The mother looks like she is choking back the tears, but is so proud. My god, it took my breath away and nearly brought me to tears. I also enjoyed how you revealed your biography using photographic terms (Focus, Light, etc.) LOVED IT!!!! Go girl!

  • Leslie Coutu said:

    Incredible , Infectious, Imaginative – all fitting descriptions of both Fran and her work. Her unique approach to capturing each moment in time is reflected in the gorgeous photos she amasses. Fran is a very easy and customer focused professional. She senses and understands the people she works with and is able to create not only the memories but also captures the feelings of the occasions as well. Regardless of the reason, Fran is the perfect choice as your photographer to encapulate a moment in time.

    Leslie Coutu
    Niagara Falls, Ontario

  • Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

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